Zonitors - Interior daintiness. So darn dainty.

More health news today! Get ready for daintiness!

 What's a zonitor? Well, it's a snow white thingy that a lady sticks where the sun don't shine - no, not that sun. The other sun-don't shine place. No. Wrong again. It's right next to - yes! THAT sun don't shine place.

Anyway, she puts a zonitor there and there's something with medicine and then she becomes dainty. I dunno . Go ask your mother.

If you're especially dainty, you'll stare off, just past the camera, like the lady in the picture. Then you may get a haircut like a pro golfer.


Zonitorus said...

I think that she has one in her mouth.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Zonitorus! I loved you in "Gamera: Super Monster"! Thanks for stopping by! I'd be honored if you would smash my cardboard house.


Zonitorius said...

Honorable smashing to begin at dusk, Tokyo time. Prepare the ineffective tracer bullets and frantic conversations wearing white hard hats.

Look! He approaches power station near School! All definite articles must be avoided, no time!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Big Z, I will throw at you every toy in the box. Just watch yourself around the power station.


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