Domestic Drama - Two vignettes.

Joke #1 - "Oh Iris, you're ever so lovely tonight. The opera is going to be positively grand. How could I stay mad about your little accident on the floor?"

Joke #2 - Grant swept Iris into his arms, and the moonlight sparkled in her eyes. It would be so easy to simply kiss her. But no. They must wait until marriage. He shuddered, and regained his composure. That had been close. The milk had, as always, gone straight to his head.

Joke #3 - The light was just right. Grant's eyes were luminous beacons of desire. Iris' hair shone like liquid silk. Passion would rule them this evening. It was lucky they had gotten ready for bed early.

Joke #4 - Iris stared into grant's eyes. She saw her wishes mirrored there. The swell of his breathing was an insistent drumbeat against her chest. They were swept away in a tide of passion that drew their hearts together. Grant was lactose intolerant, so they had about ten minutes before the milk took effect. Tonight, it would be enough. It had to.

Joke #1 - "I know it'd hard dear, but you knew it would be when you married me. We can push the beds together after we've been married for a year. You don't want to make a mockery of my faith, do you?"

Joke #2 - "Patricia, won't you please lie down to sleep? We both saw Paranormal Activity. You're starting to creep me out."

Joke #3 - "I'm sorry, dear. I do like your new tramp stamp. It's just that I've never found Family Circus very funny."

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