Pazo - Piles of pain.

This morning brings an ad for Pazo from 1941, left on my desk by the P.A.G. health Awareness Brigade. Not much to research or explain here. But there is one burning question. What are piles?
A quick (and risky) Google search gives us the answer. Piles are hemorrhoids. Interesting! Nope. I quickly closed that browser window for fear of stumbling upon a page with explanatory educational photographs. I don't want to know that much about piles.

Why were they called piles in days of yore? I'll admit to being curious, but not curious enough to pursue the question up that particular rabbit hole. I have general understanding about hemorrhoids, thanks to various radio call-in doctor shows. If you don't know, feel free to look it up for yourself, if you like. Enjoy.

Oof! My area.

The artist who painted this little dramatization had a tough job. Paint a woman clearly portraying pain and discomfort on her face. Make her look real, but not silly. Sympathetic but not deformed. She needs to wear her rectal discomfort on her face, as the characters are discreetly shown from the neck up.

Success? I don't know. I guess she looks plausibly put out. However, I still find her hilarious -  probably because I imagine tacking her on the end of an email or making a birthday card out of her. Now that my brother's children are old enough that I can make jokes like this without becoming a family pariah. As a result, opportunities for hilarious cards are much more common. Patty Piles will be added to the bottom of this post as a PNG, on a transparent background.

It's interesting how, if you just put the nurse's head in the other panel, she becomes a sadist. Giving Patty the piles was all part of her master plan!

Some engineer probably spent months designing Pazo's perforated Piles Pipe. I bet that looks good on the resume'. Perforated Piles Pipe - 3 months development. 2 months testing and refining.

Here's Patty Piles. Get your rude finger ready to right click her where it hurts the most in three two one...


Claire said...

Why is there a Frankfurter on my head?

Sue said...

That's not "the pile"? I thought it was.

Claire said...

Nope; it's a big damn hot dog.

Sue said...

Maybe the look of anguish is hunger and not piles. She just misplaced her meal.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yes, You're ALL right about the pile on her head. She lost her dump-themed sausage sculpture and needed her nurse friend to find it for her. Then, she needn't go hungry. I'm glad you all cooperated to piece together this story, just like they taught us on Sesame street.


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