Kooking Kornir - Cells Parma. A little snack.

Our regular readers all know that, here at P.A.G. Kitchens, we try to show you how to eat light and healthy. Today, we're just tickled to present to you and your hungry family our lightest tummy-pleasing snack ever. It's also got lots of tummy-pleasing flavor. Cells Parma. Mio dio, รจ commestibili!
Begin by  greasing a small petri dish and rolling out a cellular membrane. Some people will tell you it's quicker to buy frozen membrane, but you won't regret taking the extra time to make your membrane from scratch! Be sure your cell membrane is a lipid bilayer with hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties!

Next, mix up some cytosol and spread evenly throughout your cellular membrane. If you'd like your cells a little heartier, feel free to add some extra proteins to the cytosol. It won't go to waste when it's time for glycolysis!

Now the fun begins. Nobody knows your family better than you, so use your judgement when adding the toppings. Of course, Cells Parma just wouldn't be Cells Parma without a nice sprinkling of endoplasmic reticulum, so don't even think of starting without it!

Does your gang love the earthy flavor of golgi apparatus? Don't hold back! Mmmmmm, golgi!

For a little seasoning, give your secretory vesicle shaker a shake or two. They're full of zesty hormones that are sure to please! Corneo!

Last but not least, you can't call it "done" without the nucleus! Have you heard the catch phrase "got nucleus?" No? Well shut up. Just put them on. You may like your nucleus pitted, but some chefs like to leave the nucleolus in there for extra flavor. During baking, the nucleolus will produce more delicious ribosomes for even more old-world zing!

Pop the whole petri dish in your autoclave for fifteen minutes or until protein synthesis slows down in the endoplasmic reticulum. Then call in the fmaily and let the endocytosis begin!  Just invaginate a portion of your plasma membrane and engulf! You won't believe your vesicle! Yes, there's a party in your endosome and we certainly hope Phil Are Go! is invited! Mangiare la vita!


MrsBug said...

What the??...o my lan...how..?...

I've lost my words.


Zonitorius said...

Remember, polynuclear cells are always extraterrestrial. In this case, from planet Vorgon. Vorganic plegoblimps are especially tasty when served with plenty of slimy exudate and glycocalix; careful about the gas they generate though, it's explosive. They are also especially charming because they can both swim and fly, although only through burning sodium vapor which adds to the beautiful Vorgonulative sunsets.

Vacation packages are available at DreamyBurningNa.vn

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Thanks Mrs. Bug! I like my pizza bite size, don't you?

Thanks Zonitorius! The burning question everyone wants to know: "Has the Big Z finally flipped?"

Extra centrioles if you get the quote.


Zonitorius said...

Oh my; HHGTTG must be so ingrained that I didn't even think I was using that voice. RIP Mr DA.

Vor-Lap said...

Vorgonulative Greetings!

Cellular phage-envelopment is nearing conclusion. Ethanolic infusion begins!

We who are not Phil are Go but love him sexually thus wish to touch his left nipple in a species specific go-go manner.


Va-Va said...


Other non-Phil-are-Go entities desire his nakedness. Especially the sacred left nipple.

Oh Phil-are-Go, we beseech thee, show us some skin.



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