Entry Hall - Tracy's friends.

Joke #1 - "Oh! Tracy, your friends are here for your birthday party! Why don't I make Rice Krispy treats while you all go play in the redrum... Whoops! I mean 'red room'!"

Joke #2 - "Oh! Tracy, your friends Tracy and Tracy are here to celebrate your birthdays." -A perfectly ordinary day in the sleepy little planned community of Serophene Hills.

Joke #3 - "Ah. Tracy, your two friends have arrived. How expected. And now you shall all move to the Celebration Chamber and remain perfectly still. I shall play a record of 18th Century Russian waltzes and prepare toast."

Joke #4 - "Hello, Mrs. Haffleflaff. We are here to play with your daughter Tracy. Is there anywhere unattended we can frolic together in a completely appropriate manner and do nothing unsettling?"

Joke #5 - *Sigh*. "Again? I said 'no' and I meant 'no'. What is it with you Mormons?"

Joke #6 - "Stairing" contest. (See what I did there?)

Joke #7 - "Ah! Tracy, your replacements are here. Let's hope they know how to behave. Your things are already in the car. You can exit through the back door. We don't want the neighbors to see your shame."

Joke #8 - "Ah! Tracy, your doubles are here. On my mark, all of you sprint from the house in opposite directions. I doubt the Campfire Girls sent three snipers. Let's show them how the Girl Scouts fight a cookie war."

Joke #9 - Carol let out a breath and relaxed. Although she hadn't invited them into the house yet, both girls had stepped across the threshold on their own. That was good. That meant they weren't vampires. But they could still be lycanthropes. Hmm. Her letter opener was made of silver, wasn't it? Wait. Silver was for zombies, right? No, definitely werewolves. Jeez, these Young Earther playdates were getting weird.

Joke #10 - "Ah! Tracy, why don't you come and greet your new best friends I found for you. Oh, do please come down from those stairs and stop being understandably freaked out."

Joke #11 - Girl 1: "Hello, ma'am. Do you have a daughter of similar approximate age? We are here for playing. Please enjoy these untainted lemon squares while we simply play." Girl 2: "Yes. Play."

Joke #12 - "Hm. That's odd. I don't remember ordering any creepy Stepford girls. Did you, Tracy? ...Tracy?"

Joke #13 - "Cheerio! Here's your parcel, ma'am, right as rain! No need to tip us. It's all in a day's work for United Poppet Services! Ta!"

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