Reinventing the telephone.

Joke #1 - "...so, you get 2000 'AnyTime' minutes per month, at one dime every ten minutes, which comes to $200 per month. I'm sorry. I don't know about this 'data plan' you keep mentioning. Ready to sign?"

Joke #2 - "This new coin hopper plate is made from magnesium, which is twice the price of the steel unit, but does reduce the total weight by four ounces. This makes the phone more portable and reduces Catastrophic Pants Failure by nearly six percent."

Joke #3 - "I left a penny in here yesterday , Kent. Where is it? That tie looks like it cost a penny, Kent. Don't you think that's a little suspect... KENT?"

Joke #4 - "... and we'll have to redesign the entire coin mechanism, thanks to these new gigantic fifty dollar coins. Thank YOU, president Gingrich."

Joke #5 - "... And you lift the little door to shout a message to the recipient. Of course, the message becomes the sole property of Apple, along with the emotions that inspired the shouted message. And, they can never be copied or transferred, or repeated with the same phraseology in the same language, without the express written permission of Apple, Inc. Oh, the handset? That's for beating yourself if you think about wishing you could change your icons or something."

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MrsBug said...

Well, Kent?! Answer me.

I hope someone gets this joke.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

HAH! Real Genius! The one teen comedy from the eighties that promoted cleverness more than boobies (not that I'm anti-boob!) Nice try, Mrs. B, but you'll have to get up pretty early to catch me with someone else's pajamas on, or to stump me on a Real Genius reference.

Good pull. Thanks for that!


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