Old Crow - Still life with shopping bag.

Drinky Week continues here at P.A.G. (It's Thursday and I've just decided that.) Today's picture is an ad for Old Crow. Here's a link to a previous post with an Old Crow ad. We are faced with another mystery today. Why is there a plastic bag in the punch bowl?
Thanks to the entire peanut gallery for helping to solve the mystery of the Georgette de Lattre Gilbey's ad earlier this week. Turns out ours was not the only blog to have a hard time figuring out the signature.

So here's old crow, made into a punch, apparently with the critical addition of orange slices and a plastic shopping bag. Is the bag inflated with the breath of Foster Brooks perhaps? Is it poorly rendered miracle whip? Only the internet can tell. Please assist with the explaining, internet.

Less mysterious than the floating punch bowl anomaly is the inclusion of a pirate's accordion in the shot. I guess it helps the scene to be festive? I was pretty sure that specific type of accordion is a "concertina". Turns out I remembered correctly. After a few drinks, feel free to call it a "squeeze box". There is, however, never any excuse for saying "arr". That is the lamest piratey thing you can do. I bet no pirate ever said that.

If you really want to act like a pirate, take the high road and make some grog, which was originally just watered down rum. See, water would quickly go rancid on a ship at sea, and sailors mixed it with rum because the alcohol prevented putrification, preventing disease, if not sensibility. Too bad Old Crow is whiskey. Ah well. Not everything can come full circle.

    1 shot rum
    1 teaspoon sugar
         (preferably superfine)
    Squeeze of lime juice
    Cinnamon stick
    Boiling water

Stir all ingredients, adding enough boiling water to fill mug or glass.

Click for 1210x1600.

Not our usual watermark. Courtesy of Unknown Leaky Basement.


Anonymous said...

Aye! I'm believin' ye shopping bag was actually filled with ice, so yer Old Crow punch would not be dilutin' as she melted- Lest ye not loose her kick and flavor of yer Old Crow and punch drink!! Now bring on ye wenches matey and play us a drinkin' and wenchin' song!! Arrrrrr!!! (Sorry, Cap'n)....

Anonymous 2

Jim Dillon said...

The object in the punchbowl? Definitely not the Bligh Reef, Captain Hazelwood. Go back belowdecks to sleep it off.

Actually, it's the leg quarter of a turkey, wrapped in foil and still frozen. It simultaneously chills the grog and thaws itself for cooking. You wouldn't want to be cooking sober, would you?

Anonymous said...

the click for huge was smaller than the regular?!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Well, this is depressing. Apparently the new google image viewer mode resizes images that it feels are "bigger than they need to be". The "click for huge" version should give you an image 1513x200 if you to a right click save. Instead, you get 1210x1600 when saved and viewed in Photoshop. This is still bigger than the 700px wide picture at the head of the post, but not as big as the collectors demand. Bummer. We do not have the manpower to change the way Google chooses to display our stuff. We'll have to leave that to the Occupy Google protestors.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, though. We must adjust our expectations as unchangeable circumstances become lamer and lamer, mustn't we?


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