Supplementary Post - PAG Exmas card list open enrollment!

This just in! If you want an actual paper Phil Are Go! Pointy Tree Day card sent to you, send us your address and get in on all the fun. No, you won't get junk mail from us. No, we won't sell your address so some advertiser. No, we won't come to your house and stare in your windows. All that sounds like too much work, man. Alternately, you can have us send the postcard to your work address and we'll stare in THEIR windows... wups.

So, to get a PAG Exmas/Pointy Tree Day card sent to you, yes YOU! All addresses will be torn up and swallowed after the cards go out. Send your address to us at:


Supplies are limited, so hurry blah blah blah. You know.


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