1962 Cadillac - Hip to be square.

The '62 Cadillac shows us it's hip to be square, but it's not hip to be Huey Lewis any more. Sorry, Huey. This is a huge two-page ad of the 1962 Cadillacs. These are the cars that caused the great square shortage of the early sixties. So soon after using up all the ovoids, ovals, and humps building the cars of the fifties, Detroit then caused a worldwide run on squares and 90 degree angles. This is widely regarded as causing the AMC corporation to use whatever was leftover to build the Gremlin in the early seventies: trapezoids.
Cadillac is still trying to build angular cars today, but the result is simply jagged and irrational, like they were styled by an angry nine-year-old. I know lots of people like the new Caddies, but to me they look like buildings, and buildings aren't cars. Yes, they're fast. Too bad they're ugly.

Stock up on prettiness of the past by right clicking these models onto your hard drive. Sorry, it took long enough to paint out the fold, so I didn't get a chance to do  flipped versions with reversed badges. You could probably just flip these yourself in whatever program you're pasting them into and no one would notice. Big and small PNG flavor files, with transparent backgrounds, just like you like em. Click through each image to the larger version, then right click save. You're welcome.


Craig F. said...

Cadillac made beautiful cars up until about 1967, and then it all went downhill.

The current crop of Cadillacs sure are better looking than they used to be, but you're right, that angular styling is no good. A proper American luxury car shouldn't look like origami.

The Cadillac Ciel concept looks a lot more like a real American car. I hate the nose, though. I'm really disappointed by cars that don't have a "face." But the back end looks a lot more like the Cadillacs I loved, especially the '67 Eldorado.

Steve Miller said...

And what about the Square 'birds? DIdn't they contribute to the shortage? (Certainly contributed to Studebaker's Gran Turismo Hawks...)

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Good! I like cars and design, but having this opinion confirmed by Craigf is reassurance that I'm not off my nut.

Steve - I looked up a '63 Thunderbird, and found it to be wonderful. Then I looked up a 1972 model. You're right. What a shame.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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