Pazo - Exquisite suffering.

This ad is a little weird in that the name of the product is buried in the copy. To be honest, when you wanted Pazo, you didn't care about the name. The product is all about the problem.
To look at the picture, you'd think that men and women suffer from orgasm. But nope, it's piles. That's an old-fashioned way to say "hemorrhoids". As with our previous Pazo reports, you can look up the details about hemorrhoids yourself. And, if you do, celebrate your ignorance.

Nice Betty Boop haircut on the suffering lady. This was 1938, so WWII was about to happen and nobody had a TV, and hair was varnished and shiny.

I'll post a crop of the shiny-haired suffering model, so you can use her however you want. People will wonder what she's suffering. Tell them they don't want to know. They'll still want to know.

We're still officially on holiday break, here at GO! Tower. Proper regular posts resume tomorrow, Jan 3rd. Huh huh. "Regular". Huh.


Sue said...

I see a little more Leia then Betty in that hair. Maybe that's why she suffers.

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