Alexander Smith Carpet - Understanding your teen.

Being a young adult isn't easy. School-work, friends, pantomime, carpet. How can all these things fit in just one brain? That's why we at Alexander Smith make it easy for you to give your teen the one thing they really need at this magical time in their life: carpet.
You know, your teen-ager lives in a show window too, just like you do. The most important thing in their life is what others think of them, just like you. When he or she says "Come on, let's go up to my room! It's all carpety up there!" with pride, you know they're happy. Happy because carpet.

And just what do they get up to in their room? Oh, all sorts of things, but nothing that will surprise you. You were once their age, too, right?
But don't peek in on them. They like their privacy! If you poke your head in, perhaps to offer them ginger snaps, they'll pretend to be shielding their eyes from the mono-centennial curtains and matching couch. They don't want you to know that they're practicing a little show for you, by pantomiming along to their favorite Marcel Marceau record. It's just their little way of saying "thank you" for the wonderful carpet that has transformed their lives. Don't ruin the surprise! The refreshments can wait. You're happy enough just knowing that they have Alexander Smith carpet in a smart shade of Opera Red that will hide wine or blood stains as if they never happened. Oh those teen-agers!

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Jim Dillon said...

Love the way "Teen-Agers" has to be capitalized. Stands to reason; teenism was a recently-discovered medical condition back then.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Dammit. Your joke was of the snappy quality that I'm angry at myself for not thinking of it first.

Thanks for reading, Jim!


Anonymous said...

"Their favorite Marcel Marceau record". That just kills. Thanks for that P.A.G.!

Anonymous 2

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

If you save the high resolution version of the image to your local drive and open it in Photoshop, you can see that the other records on the floor are Mummenschanz and Shields & Yarnell. You have to turn the volume up really loud for the performance to come alive, but if you have a good stereo, it's worth it.

Thanks, Anonymous!


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