Crane Plumbing - Anything Goes.

"Hmm - Nancy's new bathroom. Good for her! it's nice to see her bouncing back and doing something fun, after that retinal surgery in Mexico. What was she thinking, dropping her keys in a tank of jellyfish and diving head first after them?

I think I'll take a look around while the rest of the Wednesday bridge club think I'm merely eliminating."

"Wish I had all this space. The lack of any frosting on the windows really opens up the room, and helps the neighbors admire my boobs. What's the point in cosmetic surgery if your neighbor's children can't see you naked?"

"My what a beautiful lavatory! Of course it's really a sink, but calling it a lavatory helps me fantasize about desecrating it with my waste."

"These faucets are so smart - so easy to turn - much easier than my sink, which requires captcha verification to be sure a bot net isn't washing it's hands in my bathroom... whatever that means."

"Such a lovely color for fixtures! I wonder when she's going to replace the tile to match them? Then she can look forward to tearing it all out when Pepto Pink goes out of style in six hours. That's our Nancy - never thinking ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me think of those early Princess phones... you know, the ones where the color was often referred to as "pussy pink?"

Anonymous said...

"I believe I'll 'burn a mule' in her new fancy commode & cleanse my backside with her fine red linens! And I won't even flush, for good measure! That'll teach her"...

Anonymous 2

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