Philadelphia Electric Company - Heeeey youuu guuuuyys!

So, if a huge utility company runs an ad promoting an entire metropolitan area as a great place to be, what's in it for them? Maybe they owed a favor to the mayor? Maybe they were hoping to smooth things over after a few environmental "whoopsies"? Maybe they're hoping to grow the residential population, thereby growing their own customer base? Maybe they want people in The Future to have a hilarious jpeg of a misconceived notion of what science looks like? That's my working theory.

Let's begin by applauding the generally beautiful painting. I imagine the first meeting where the client is describing to the artist the concept for the piece they want him/her to create. Three scenes, portraying life in Philadelphia, each is kind of like a panorama, with multiple focal points. Science and research, an elementary school, and suburban domestic quietude. Also, we need it in a week. *Gulp*.

The backyard scene has some interesting features...

Who's playing with the dog? Who threw the ball? Err, nobody. The little girl is a few yards downstage of him, and she's not paying attention to him. She's busy putting her hands in the air like she just don't care. Maybe the ball rolled off the roof, or is stuck in the window?

Junior's got lunch covered. How thoughtful! He's made enough wheelbarrow pizza for everyone.

Grandma can be seen knitting a sweater for her driftwood collection. Philly winters are pretty cold!

Little Girl deserves to be distributed on transparency as a PNG. Coming right up.

Lastly, here's an extra-wide crop of the William Morris All-Stars pretending to be sciencing around. They're staring at various colored juices and writing things down. "Nineteen hundred hours. Juice is still colorey. Still tastes like hell". All men and women under forty look like Fred MacMurray and June Lockhart, respectively. The one older guy in the background, talking to the June Lockhart replicant looks like J. Jonah Jameson, who kind of seems to be in charge. Maybe they're trying to formulate a web solvent, to stop that wall-crawling crusader once and for all?

Great news, everybody! I didn't give any of you gonorrhea! Party at my place!


MrsBug said...

In west Philadelphia
born and raised
on the playground my momma said
most of my days
chilling out, maxing
and relaxing all cool
and all shooting some b-ball
outside of school

Philly? Where's the Fresh Prince?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

He lives in a neighborhood called "Marginalized". That area wasn't promoted very much by the Philadelphia chamber of commerce, back in '57.

Thanks, Mrs B!


Steve Miller said...

Heck with who threw the ball to the dog -- who threw that log at Grandma?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I think the pink dress girl must have flung it. Good catch, Steve! Not a good catch, grandma.


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