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In Advertising Land, everyone is a jerk or an idiot - hopefully both. This lady's husband (who kind of looks like Jimmy Fallon) is yelling at her because a run in her stocking is ruining his career. Jerk or idiot? Don't make me choose!

Apparently, John's boss is a big enough prick that he'd make career-effecting decisions based on his wife's stockings. Naturally, John is a big enough prick that he can forsee this and is wise enough to bitch out his wife for making her stocking tear. "You WOULD spring a run!" he says. Why? Does she have a history of jeopardizing his career with scandalous stocking mishaps? His choice of words implies that this is not the first time she has humiliated him in this way. More to the point, this is not the first time he's humiliated her like this in front of other people.

According to the narrative of the ad, Unnamed Wife naturally wants to make a good impression on the CEO of Prick Incorporated, just as her prick husband does. Totally overlooked is the idea that anybody needs to make a good impression on Unnamed Wife. That would just be crazy. After all, this is 1937 and she's just a menial servant. The farthest thing from John Gordon's mind is that he may be making a bad impression on his prick boss by treating his wife like a prick.

How humiliating would it be if Wife took the opportunity to tell John she was divorcing him and grabbed a cab home, locking him out of the house? He can sleep at the office, or maybe he can sleep with his prick boss, if he really wants to get ahead. Then, John could look forward to being served with papers right at his desk the next day while he's looking for a room to rent "while this blows over".


MrsBug said...

Being a Man of The World(tm), I'm sure you're aware of this site.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

While I was not specifically aware of that site in particular, if you had asked me if I thought there was a website dedicated to stockings, I would have assumed there was, or soon would be. What do I win?

Thanks for reading, Mrs. B!


Anonymous said...

Methinks you need a 4th option for the "reactions" check boxes: Appalling. Thanks for reminding us that we've come a long way, baby. -nonmouse

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