Geomet Hardware Jewelry - "Oh honey, you shouldn't have. No, really."

Way back in the 1990s, I was in on the mountain biking boom. It came at just the right time for me, what with my first decent job out of college and a little disposable income. Every spare penny went to mail order offroad bike boutiques in California selling robot-carved aluminum bike components anodized in every color of the life savers rainbow. At races, the vendors came out to sell us non-functional bike stuff. I bought a bracelet made of multicolored spoke nipples and chain links from a company calling itself Sprocket Head. They don't seem to exist any more, but you can find loads of recycled bike parts made into jewelry on the web. Selling bike parts made into jewelry to sweaty members of the Fat Tire Tribe is one thing. Expecting normal women to wear jewelry made from wing nuts and cotter pins is quite another thing.
Back in 1956, two women started a company called Geomet, selling jewelry made from small fasteners and general hardware store stuff. I hope that all the hardware used in the construction of Geomet's product was some kind of stainless steel. Otherwise, they were likely to tarnish, turn colors, and leave creepy residue on the wearer's wrists. But, that probably wasn't a problem, as I can't imagine many women going for this idea. Ladies, feel free to comment in the comments.
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Steve Miller said...

Jewelry from hardware? That's just nuts.

Fil said...

1. Hah! @Steve Miller
2. "...for some reason or other and arf!..." I have never seen 'arf' before. Its a good one.

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