Fruit of the Loom - Marketing in brief.

How do you sell underwear to men? It’s not easy. Show pictures of handsome, fit men, looking proud in their underwear? Well, that would work on certain men. Your average mainstream guy doesn’t like to think about his underpants, and he likes to shop for them even less. I’m guessing most men are going to rely on their wives to make their critical underpants acquisitions for them, and simply report on their real-world tests after the purchase. This is an inefficient system, but it’s the best we have.

What was Fruit of the Loom’s solution? Engage men’s interest by including images of recreation , and then tricking them into make an underwear decision while their minds are softened with endorphins. So, instead of two disturbingly happy men standing around in their underpants, you get two disturbingly happy men standing around in their underpants with golf clubs. This makes men think they can play golf in their underpants.

Oddly, the guy in front is holding both clubs, but the rear man looks happier, despite being empty handed. I guess it feels good to be cold enough to wear a sweatshirt, but warm enough to have no pants on. Hey, at least he didn't tuck the sweatshirt into his boxers.

As anyone can tell you, men are mentally identical to toddlers, and loathe dressing for any occasion. Present them with the fantasy of underwear golf and you have unplugged their forebrain, leaving their lizard brain to make the retail decisions... or rather, put in a request to The Tower for some retail decisions. Men will shout to their wives in the next room “Honey? Next time you’re out - like, in the world - can you get me some Fruit of the Loom briefs, boxers, and undershirts with arm and neck holes so large they barely qualify as shirts because I like golf?”

Clever, Fruit of the Loom. Very clever.

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Anonymous said...

The image is a little disturbing to me, as I can't ever recall hiking my "unmentionables" up over my navel (or tucking my t-shirt into them).
What is he doing with his other hand? "I'm tickling you! Wanna play golf later?"

Also, I have personally only seen that polka-dot pattern on women's underwear (and No, I wasn't wearing them. Not that I have a problem with that).

Actually, this whole ad seems far too "innuendo-ish": Men and Boys, 2 guys, Work or Play, 69 cents?

Was this a joke ad from National Lampoon?

(No offense intended toward those of the "alternate lifestyles" persuasion)

Anonymous 2 (I wear Hanes)

MrsBug said...

Sir Phil, your post is both high-larious and true. A winning combination. I am the designated Purchaser of Underthings in our family. I don't remember running for the office - I must've been a write-in candidate.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Thanks for being disturbed by the picture, Anon2! I was also given a medium-sized case of the heebie jeebies by it. And as we know, misery loves company. Welcome.

And thanks to Mrs. B. for confirmation of what I suspected but couldn't prove: men are children.

Thanks for reading! [-Mgmt.]

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