Home project... and your little dogs, too.

Kitchen Cabinet Stores Unwanted Chihuhuas When Not in Use
With a few easy modifications, a spare cabinet can be converted into this convenient chihuahua storage unit, for quick access when a dish needs a little chihuahuaing. A vertical window can also be cut in the door to easily see when you're running low on chihuahuas.

Rubber Ball Device Hobbles Running Dogs. Baffles, Dissappoints, Possibly Injures Subcreatures
Alternately, one could "train" your dog, or build a fence or buy a frikkin leash to keep your goddamn dog from wandering into my garage and startling me when I'm using a frikkin circular saw and almost cutting off my goddamn finger! What the hell is wrong with you, you lazy, self-entitled yuppie prick? [Note to self. Have intern move this story to "editorials" folder for revision. Do not post as-is.]

Fun and Easy Rainy-Day Project: Make a "Crazy Jug"
Requires no skills or ideas. Simply cover jug with linseed oil putty and press bric-a-brac, or "crap" into putty. "Folk art" lets descendants know how bored you were. Alternately, simply buy linseed oil putty and throw it in the trash, along with jug and bric-a-brac.


Jim D. said...

You left out Crazy Jug Step Three: GOLD SPRAY PAINT! ! ! !
My mom performed the optional "add dead branch" (Step 2B), circa 1965, and voila, a tabletop Easter egg tree! And it was GOLD ! ! ! ! ! When I was a tot I thought we were filthy rich, what with having a solid gold Easter egg tree mounted in a solid gold crazy jug that we only used for a couple weeks a year.

Anonymous said...

I'd say your best bet would be tying the (useless) Chihuahua to the goddamn chasing dog's collar & then throw the "Crazy Jug" at the yuppie prick, BEFORE using your frikkin circular saw. Yes?

Anonymous 2

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