Westinghouse Dry Cleaner - The first nice laundromat.

Our 1962 bureau sends us this otherwise boring Westinghouse ad featuring a really cool laundromat scene with a Jackie O simulant dry cleaning her miniskirt. If there was a laundromat this hip near me, I'd save up all my quarters and wash up my stinkables there, instead of in my own basement.
The walls look like they're covered with some kind of formica with aluminum strips between the panels. Those stripes are mighty cool, Jackie. No wonder you do your wash there. You're looking pretty good too. Back in '62, Jackie O was the shit, although I'm sure she'd want to hear about her having-it-going-on-ness described to her in different terms. Too bad, Jackie! I can't stash my cool just because you're a square who's married to a bigger square!

A heroic fella might have his crack team of Blandishment and Photoshoppery warriors make a special crop of the laundromat scene for use as a wallpaper on some kind of standard-ish 1024 x 768 computer monitor. So be it. There, now I am a hero.

Click for wallpaperable size. You're welcome.

Click for big.

O Jackie....


Sue said...

Are those meant to be all her children or is she the neighborhood clothes cleaner? Miss Jackie is the bomb!

Ypek said...

Thoese children look like miniature adults. See the stewardess in red, the banker looking at her and the real estate man on the right. Is this really how USAmerican school children were supposed to look in the early 60s?
This explains a lot.


Steve Miller said...

ypek -- except for those out smoking behind the gym.

Cristian Cargnello said...

I got one, in Argentina


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