Okay, some more job opportunities.

Alert Reader Steve Miller sent in this critical career posting in the field of Potatoing. Don't miss out on this several-in-a-lifetime opportunity to begin your new life in basement potato chipsmanship. Send for free potato. Just pay $3 shipping and handling. Thanks to Steve for bringing this to our attention!!!!!!!!!!

Or do this thing: draft! O. C. Miller will teach you to make "huge plant or immense building" take shape. Weird Hitler baby moustache optional (interchangeable with bow tie). Lobot haircut mandatory. Clearly, the lucky graduate has learned the most important lesson: that the key to addressing O. C. is to avoid look at him. Write for FREE bulletin. O. C. Miller, secretary, professor, comptroller, janitor, front stoop sweepsman.

UPDATE! This just in from the P.A.G! Geographic & Temporal Telemetry Squad. Waaaaait a second. What's with these guys' names? O. K. Miller and O. C. Miller? Double you Tee Eff? Same guy? Same guy who remarried and took his wife's name? Twins of unimaginative parents? What's the connection? We're through the looking glass here, people.

 Both locations are nowhere near each other. The Potato Institute was located on the North side, near a restaurant and some convenient and safe public parking.
 The Potato Institute location.
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Holy flaming shitballs! The American School is still there at 58th and Drexel (street view not available)! A quick Googling of O. C. Miller's name shows that he's all over the American Correspondence School's history. He's a real guy.

No joy on O. K. Miller's name, except for this fan fiction of Mystery Science Theater 3000. That's about as weak as any evidence I can imagine. O. K. must have lived at some apartment in the area or something. Or, it actually is O. C. Miller, except that his middle name was Clark and he sometimes spelled it with a "K".

SO! A conspiracy of coincidence and unrelated nothingness! I might have known. I'm having the Research and Googling team flogged for wasting my time.

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PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Well, our Hat's off to Steve Miller for sending in the potato machine ad. Looks like the good folks over at Boing Boing linked to this post and now the hits are going through the roof (at least for a podunk blog like ours)! Steve, you are a king maker! Whatever I'm paying you, consider it doubled!


Steve Miller said...

Double or nothing? How SHALL I decide? Oh, wait...

BTW, these guys are no relation, but would make most excellent DFHs, doncha think?

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