Painted Stockings - Why ask why.

Pretend garment news now, from our bureau chief stationed in 1939. We now have a way of convincing ladies to let us fondle their legs under the pretense that wearing real stockings are too much trouble! Mashers, scoundrels, cads, bounders, and oaves rejoice(d)!

Apparently, before Nylon was cheap and abundant, it could be a problem supplying a movie set full of extras with actual stockings, which were made from silk, which is a natural material painstakingly pulled from the butts of moth larvae. Here in the Marvellous Future, Nylon is a cost-effective substitute that can easily be harvested from the municipal water supply of almost any major American city.

But back in the savagery of 1939, they sometimes resorted to painting women's legs to resemble stockings. Allegedly, they didn't smear or run, regardless of sweaty exertion. The application process was always performed by one of the three straight male makeup artists in Hollywood at the time, probably due to some union rule.

Why this article ran in Popular mechanics is either a huge mystery or totally NOT a mystery, due to the nonexistent status of the internet at the time and lack of availability of dirty pictures to the average man.

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Anonymous said...

This was also quite commonplace during WWII, as most of the silk was used in the production of parachutes, (And girls still needed a way to be "girls").



PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Clearly, I was the last to hear about this. Thanks for the comment, MFHB2!


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