Postless today. - Sandwich.

Someone left the coffee machines on all weekend, here at GO! Tower. As a result, the offices will be closed today to have the coffee varnish chiseled out of them. So, no post today. Instead, please enjoy this painting of a sandwich I once knew. How I miss it.

In totally unrelated news, tomorrow in the P.A.G. cafeteria, we will be featuring a special "Coffee Toffee" dessert tray. Extra crunchy type. Free while supplies last, or just take the whole tray.

Click for slightly bigger.


Anonymous said...

WhaT????? nO pOSt AgaIn tODay???!!!
HuLK cRy nOw...THeN eAt moNItoR WiTh yuMmY sNacK.

AnĂ³nimo latino. said...

What? No meatball today?

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