Port Charlotte, Florida - I get my thiiing in actionnn.

Here in 1958, Florida has yet to become a national freakshow. We're hard at work making our state into the warehouse of the "differently youthful". What have we got to offer? ACTION everywhere! Quick! Duck! Vvriiinnng! Some action just flew by! Hurry up and find out about the action!
The future belongs to... the immortal? WRONG! Those who plan ahead, idiot! Buy yourself a piece of future here at actionful Port Charlotte, Florida. Get some action in the out-of-the-doors. PKSHOWWW!

Red hot shopping action! Boxes and cans, just clap your hands,
just clap your haaaannds.

Florida is for swingers! All three of these retirees
are going home together, if you know what I mean.

Lively conversation! Pksheewww!

Whoa, settle down! Get a room, you two! Splunk!

We got us a road! Come smell our new road!
This road was made for you and meeee. Snork!
Farm-fresh children are blasted off to school
to get some learn at their peak of ripeness. Whanngg!

Sitting action is plentiful. Also looking. Here, some
Port Charlottans are learning about drywall, and why they
might want some before hurricane season. Splooosh!

Click for extra big. CLUNK!


knormie said...

Made my day. Ka-pow!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Thanks, Knkormie! We prefer to make days, round here. Y'all come back now, y'hear?


A. R. Henry said...

I live in Port St. Lucie, same company, same concept as Port Charlotte. We built this little corner of heaven in 1961, and life estate has me firmly planted in it. I don't know about Port Charlotte so much, but here we have a historical museum without any historical info or pictures, and opportunists ripping out the still usable but undersized dwellings built from '58 through the '80's. I definitely remember when. :P

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