1969 Buick leSabre - Low. Rye. Duh.

Today's two-page ad from Buick features a car in the perfectly plausible environment of Somewhere In The Middle Of Montana, where there's horses. For some reason, this made people buy cars.

Those are horses back there, but this car sure looks to me like it's dragging it's ass. I'm used to seeing cars of this vintage in poor condition with broken leaf springs in the back. The bumper has been filed away to half it's original thickness by the pavement. But this car is factory fresh. Were they really that low? I know the grass makes it look lower than it really ism but holy smokes. It could also be an illusion, based on the fact that the car was thirty feet long. There could actually be eighteen inches of ground clearance under there.

Anyway, please enjoy the bigger version with the not-very-well removed magazine crotch going through the center of the ad. The Photoshopping Brigade gets no dessert with their happy meal today. They must have

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Steve Miller said...

There's a great book from MBI (Motor Books something) about Boulevard Photo, the Detroit studio responsible for so much automotive product photography of this vintage. Beautiful photos, of course, but a lot of technical information about their work processes is featured. One of the best tricks was the use of lenses to stretch the cars. I'd have to go back and read it to get teh details, but I remember one of the studio principals writing, "when the tires began to look like ovals, you knew you'd gone too far."

They were doing with photographic processes what illustrators had been doing for decades: making the cars look longer, lower, and wider than even Pontiac could achieve.

corporate brochure design said...

Great work buddy, keep it up

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