Winston Cigarettes - Send out the clowns, Pt 1.

The Phil Are GO! Horrors and Atrocities Team has found two clown ads only a few pages apart in the same magazine. So, just to help you fail to sleep this weekend, we're posting the ads on consecutive days. Part one of this psychological belly punch is this ad for Winston cigarettes.

Our story so far: Young (kind of) lovers Jorg and Jorgina have just finished an immigration sweep of the midway at Liability Bros. Fly-By-Night Circus. The buskers were so grateful to have the status of their employees checked, they gave Jorg and Jorgina free prizes to go away. After a long morning of smelling the breath of Tilt-A-Whirl attendants, nothing satisfies like a smooth king-size Winston.

But who's that surreptitiously sharing their break? It's Wanky the Clown, who appears to be enjoying a post-coital smoke outside the Miscellaneous Attractions tent. No, wait. Judging by the position and disposition of the dog, Wanky may still be performing the act of love. Nice, Wanky. You could at least get a private tent, or maybe put a bag over the dog's head to hide his shame. Better still, if you were a decent person, put a Zoloft in him first. That Chi-Hooa-Hooa's going to need some trauma counseling, and the morning after pill.

P.S. It's nice that there's pretend grass stuffed under the corners of the set pieces, as if grass will spontaneously grow on any surface hidden from sunlight.

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MrsBug said...

Ah Phil, you're a breath of fresh air on a Thursday morning. I give it a ROFL.

Steve Miller said...

Phillips 66 had a troop of clowns traveling around to gas station grand openings in the '50s. They were much scarier-looking than this guy, but this juxtaposition is plenty weird.

Hmmm, the way you've taken this, maybe Viagra ads should feature clowns.

Monsieur Chaudspheres Royale said...

"Send Out the Clowns" means Bernadette Peters will be in tomorrow's post, right?

Anonymous said...

Judging from the dirt on that woman's skirt, the man's name must be Winston.

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