Arrow Shirts - Ignoring your wife in Paris.

We've reported before on Arrow shirts and their curious portrayal of the idealized man ignoring his wife/mistress. This ad comes from the same-ish year and the same ad campaign. Unsurprisingly, it seems to show the same man ignoring a totally different wife/mistress in another romantic location.

Feel free to go back and see our previous Arrow ad. This guy simply refuses to even look at his clearly gorgeous, clearly smitten companion. I guess he's just too impressed with himself and - wow, look at that chin! Sorry, I just noticed. That's a chin that could split an iceberg. Paired with his strangely short forehead, he kind of looks like a cartoon of manhood.

Sure, he's no Robert Z'dar (Whose chin is not fake. Go and look for yourself.), but it's a trivial matter to Z'dar him up a little in P-Shop.

So, back to our Paris scene. Just imagine all the romantic conversations this happy couple must have. Doodley doodley doodley...

"Oh, Darren, I do so love Paris. It's every so green and European. The weather is simply divine, not that you need to worry about humidity or wrinkles in your Sanforized wash-and-wear Arrow shirt. You look just as handsome as that weekend we spent in Tokyo. You remember, don't you? Me asking you if you wanted to go and see Shinjuku, and you staring up at the sky. Me gazing lovingly into your ear while you stared at that one tree. Shall we have dinner at a cafe tonight? There might be some buildings for you to stare at."

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MrsBug said...

I hear this man's voice saying, "Why yes, I am fabulous. Thank you for noticing."

Steve Miller said...

Arrow had a history of concentrating on the male who ignored his exquisite companion. Leyendecker defined the Arrow man, who could ignore the girl in his arms... (and both he and she had some pretty prominent chins.) By 1985, the Arrow man was now a man of the world, but still ignoring the woman pining for his (loving) glance.

Check your email for the evidence.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hah! Nice ignoring evidence there, Steve. The girl in 1985 was pretty hot. She was totally out of my league back then, even though (judging by the size of her collar) she was about two feet tall.

Thanks, Steve!


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