Exmess Card Solution, Part 2 of 2.

Here are the other five Exmess cards from nineteen something something. The P.A.G! Garage Sale Assault Squad reports that, when flipping through shoeboxes of ancient postcards like these, it's interesting to note that the ones with a picture of a person on them command a higher price. A picture of Santa (or Father Christmas) usually goes for triple.

Cards with a discernible print date are noted. Those without, aren't. So, let us know if any of you decide to rage against the Big Christmas Card machine and make your own using these perfectly good relics.




Steve Miller said...

Yeah, I'll probably use one of these. It's about that time the spousal unit will demand* the composition of the dreaded season missive and the larger the image I can splash on the page, the less I have to write. Of course her aunts will still gush over how clever the stories will be...

Thanks, Phil!

*Threats will also be attendant.

MrsBug said...

I love old Exmess cards like that. I have a bunch of old postcards from this era and the gold foil/leaf on them and the fancy-pants fonts warm the cockles of my cold little heart.

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