Barcalounger - So that's a Barcalounger.

Barcaloungers are a standard reference for comedians who are trying to make grandpa jokes or something, but I've never seen one, until now. My dad always had a La-Z-Boy. What's the difference? Not much, apparently. But there it is.

And now we know where that weird bluey-greenish color came from. 1957 or thereabouts. I'm sure I've seen carpet in this shade of not-blue-but-not-green, but I can't remember where.

I... Hey, what's with the girl holding up the sign? "Guess who wants you to live forever?" That's only slihghtly better than "Don't die." Thanks, sweetie, for reminding daddy of his inevitable mortality in your adorably innocent way... on Christmas. Mommy probably helped her make the sign, stapling the cardboard to the stick and everything. I guess Mom didn't see it as being a bit weird. Daddy just forces the smile, and gradually his new Barcalounger starts to feel like a casket.

Barcalounger was thoughtful enough to include some serving suggestions for ways that Daddy could pass the time while he's waiting to disappoint his daughter by dying. That was nice of them.

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