General Electric Gift Ideas - Tag, you're gifted.

Ever the non-stop party company, General Electric has loads of gift ideas in 1957... all of them practical and sensible. Nothing to get excited about, until you shuttle forward in time about fifty years when all this stuff looks really cool. I'll take the G-E Techron Shining Hours Clock.

And for all of you good little girls and boys, the P.A.G! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Squad has lifted the friendly lady in the santa-colored catsuit from today's ad and wiped out the text in her tag, so you can re-purpose her as you see fit. She comes in two sizes: large 1000 px width and smaller 400 px width, facing left and right on a transparent background. What sort of festive holiday things might she say to your friends or family this Pointy Tree Day season? Maybe something like...

-"I'll keep my lawyer off your back until the new year. Merry Christmas!"

-"Thanks for the blender. Enjoy sleeping on this comfy couch. Merry Christmas!"

-"I wish I'd gotten you something. Thanks for the Herpes! Merry Christmas!"

Click through each for the actual size. You're welcome.

1000 px.

1000 px

400 px

400 px

Click for big.


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