Crosley Appliances - TV worth watching!

We recently read about the now-defunct Crosley brand of motor vehicles, with their surprisingly unreliable tin plate engine block (No, really!). Well, appliances were their bread and butter. Surprisingly, not a single one of the items in this ad has a tin engine block. How bout that?

Crosley promises you happiness, with their complete line of appliances offering every home convenience, from refrigerators to freezers to stoves... and the best in home entertainment.

What's on TV? It's "Girl with Octopus on her Head!" The best in programming that 1949 had to offer! The show would start and she'd come on and shout "What's on my head, ever-boddy?", and the folks at home would all holler "It's an octopus!!!" and then dissolve in uproarious laughter. The show was sixty seconds long, and then the station went to static for twenty four hours. It's the only idea NBC had that season. With the success of "Girl with Octopus on her Head", NBC tried to follow up  with  "Gastropod Follies", but it was decided that the idea was too derivative, and didn't have the sparkle of "Girl with Octopus on her Head". The show was scrapped after two episodes.

After Girl with Octopus on her Head was over, Americans would switch over to channel 4, which featured white noise in a more pleasing shade of grey. Simpler times.

Click for big, ever-boddy!


Ypek said...

What the F is "a whippoorwill's warble"?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I believe a whippoowill was a kind of bird, and the "warble" was the wiggly thing that hung down from it's chin, which would swell up during mating season. I could be wrong, since i just made that up, but it could also be true. There's just no way at all to find out!

Thanks for reading, Ypek!


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