New Inventions - Forging tomorrow from yesterday's future of the past, today.

New aids for radio fans. Uncertain benefit for lamp fans. Radio is hidden in lamp base. Speaker in shade. Also has "big sleep" timer in the event that user dies during use (shown), to conserve power.

New optical device, when coupled with yard stick, measures safe distance to children, a common source of children. May also be used by persons of unambiguous gender identity.

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Anonymous said...

I first read the headline for this item as "new HIV for devices that blow air at radios"...

Richard Mahler said...

In the decades before television, popular photographs showed the happy family gathered in the living room (parlor) around the imposing wireless (radio) cabinet (with lots of curvy wood veneers, grills and knobs) to hear their favorite broadcasts. Then came the smaller (equally ugly) tabletop radios so you could listen in the kitchen or the bedroom (the beginning of the fragmentation of family togetherness and virtually everything else that is wrong with American culture, so I am told by those who hearken to "the good old days" when living had reached perfection - if you overlook the occasional world war and 20+ years less of that wonderful life). I'm not sure where this nifty lamp/radio fell in this technological progression, but it is for the living room (did folk's living rooms need comforting?), so I am envisioning the family gathered around the lamp ... and perhaps now there was space for an another chair or a table for those lovely knickknacks that keep showing up in flea markets and going into the nation's landfills.

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