Body by Fisher, the Exclusive Extra - Feeling wanty.

The Chicago Auto Show is coming up, and the latest concept cars will be on display. This means the manufacturers show you what they're capable of, right before shoveling another example of watered-down beige boringness into production. When you try to be all things to all people, you wind up being nothing to everyone, which is what happens once a car design is market tested and revised by the product management department. So, let's just try and call it the Chicago Disappointment Parade.

This ad for Body by Fisher shows us a time when interiors were futuristic and cool, and actually made it to production. The car in this ad is an Oldsmobile Ninety Eight, which was a mainstream car. Go jump into your Corolla or Fusion and see if you can stay awake long enough to say "ho hum".

One hell of a hood ornament.

Man, look at those gauges. So cuppy. And remember, all that chrome in there is actual chrome plated steel. So, if you think about having an accident in this Olds, hitting that steering wheel will be like being forced through an apple slicer. Then the apple slices hit those super cool gauges and are cut into little cylinders. Good thing the interior is already red.

You could build an interior with the same spirit out of less blade-like materials, so don't call it a safety thing. I don't buy it. It's just that, in 1961, they didn't think anyone would want to survive a crash if their Olds Ninety Eight didn't make it either.

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Steve Miller said...

Those of us of a "certain age" can't look at a Bodies by Fisher ad without the resonance of Mad Magazine's "Bodies by Fishy" ad... with the tag line, "There's more room for bodies in a body by Fishy."

Just think of the open for "Goodfellas," and you'll get the idea.

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