Tampax - Doubled over with perkiness.

More women's concerns today, from your pals here at GO! Tower! Observe this well-designed ad from Tampax, showing women how normal they can be at the pool, in the company of Tampax! It's one of those tall thin ads, so here's a crop of the picture. The full ad can be found at the bottom of the post.

That's just the picture I would use to show women how normal they can feel at the pool, any time of the month. Look at her, doubled over with perkiness. She can barely stand up, she's so free of discomfort. She's not worried about a thing. The art director certainly earned his three grand a year (this was 1951, after all).

Actually, the true genius of this photo is that the advertiser can also use it to promote their new line of Getting Stabbed in the Belly. Nothing says "I'm enjoying my new knife wound!" like a happy girl bent over at the pool. Belly Knife Wound, available in small, medium, and "teamster" sizes. Don't miss out. get yours today!

Click for big.


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