Clip art women, get outta my life.

Today, the Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Squad is pleased to bring you some clip art women from the little ads in the back pages of Woman's Home Companion. You'd be surprised how many "sell our crap from your home" and "personal problem" ads there were for bored housewives in 1951. Maybe you wouldn't. I dunno.

Anyway, the PAG GBPS has scanned these greedy ladies at the highest resolution that our Okidata AdequateScan 620 will allow, and crushed their histograms to nice tidy black and white values. The result? Three dames and a toilet (biggest viral video of 1947, btw.) At no extra charge, those jokesters in the GBPS combined the cash and toilet powder art with uproarious consequences.

Click through each one for actual size, then save to your storage thingy of choice. Get your rude finger ready to right-click their brains out in three, two, one, RIGHT CLICK!

First up, this lady looks to be pouring some drain-clearing powder into her toilet, but she could just as easily be getting rid of her stash because The Pigs are knocking on the front door. Please enjoy.

Next, this lady loves her money so much, she wants to pose with it. Her expression seems to say "See my money? I have some!" That's right, clip art lady. We can see your money. Now shut up and get on my hard drive.

This cash-waving Betty Boop Wannabe is altogether more rough and ready than the previous woman. Netty Noop here has some cash, but I get the feeling she'll do just about anything for a little more. I can't wait for just about anything.

Oh no! Those kooks in the Blandishment Squad have rearranged some of today's clip art! She's throwing money in the toilet! It doesn't go in there! It goes in the In-Sink-Erator! Those nutty jokesters! Right click this mixed-up doll just where she likes it and save her for a future memo to the accounting department. Their bow ties will spin when they see what she's up to! But you didn't get her from me, wink wink. You're welcome.


Jim D. said...

My 9th-grade son is helping paint a mural on his literature teacher's classroom wall. Looks like we just found out how to fill in that blank space between The Jungle and The Old Man and the Sea. Hello, Netty Noop! Do you have much experience representing The Great Gatsby?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Photos or it never happened!


Richard Mahler said...

My Mom was a classy lady but she did clean her own house, and she did wear a dress and hat to go shopping even at the grocery store because that was what was expected in the '50s, but I have no memory of her wearing dress, heels and frilly apron when she cleaned the toilet! I do remember her expressing her opinion of the toilet habits of the males in her house by putting a sign on the lid that said, "In case of nuclear attack, hide here - it has never been hit yet!"

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