The '65 Plymouths - Frolic in the bucolic.

Our exclusive lack of coverage of the 2013 Chicago Automotive Disappointment Parade continues with this extra-big two-page ad for the 1965 Plymouths. Go drive them in the park and be weird with your girlfriend/wife/secretary, won't you?

There was a time when I would have thought these old domestics looked boxy. But, now that we have the new Cadillacs to show us what real boxiness is about, these old Plymouths look positively sleek. I won't show you a picture of a Cadillac. They're everywhere. Go look out a window. there's probably one in your front yard right now, but it could easily be mistaken for a building. God, I hate them (Cadillacs, not buildings).

Anyway, today is Valentine's day; a nice day for you to take your sweetie out to the park in your Belvedere and make her do this... unless you like her... and unless you like the parks department, which probably doesn't like you driving your Belvedere all over their nature and stuff.
"This is what I'll look like on my way out the door the day I divorce you!"

It's good to be health conscious. You want your significant other to feel secure that you have a long life ahead  of you. Here, Pat Boone checks his girlfriend's nose for nasal displasia, while the flora checks him for polips. Good to know!

After using the park in this way, please be courteous and
burn the whole place to the ground.

Click for big.


Fil said...

Looks like Mr. Boone si wearing something from the Alan Hale Collection. Doop!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

He was using the telescope to look for his little buddy when that silly Mary Tyler Moore got in the way.


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