Armstrong Vinyl Floors - Gronk no get.

Today ad come to us from 1962, when hoo-mans all like color brown, and also hoo-mans like sitting on big chess pieces.

HAH! See picture? Chair look like big chess piece! Stupid hoo-mans! Or pepper mill! Gronk like funny wiggly shape on floor. Gronk think that if Gronk have wiggly stipe on floor in Gronk house, Gronk always walk along stripe, and regular floor never get worn out. Gronk probably need to replace stripe every year, or wind up with deep, wiggly stripe-shape trench in floor! Grah!

Now Gronk looking at stripe. Following stripe up to middle of picture- UH! Horse? How horse get in house? Why horse stabbed with soda straw? Why hoo-mans stab pretend horse with straw and put in house? How stabbed pretend horse help sell floor pieces? Too many questions. Gronk need sit down.

Hurm. Gronk think maybe nice idea have pretend horse in house. If Gronk had pretend horse in house, Gronk like ride pretend horse, like real horse. Help relax after day "at office". Gronk play movie in head, of what happen if Gronk ride pretend stabbed horse. Gronk feel sad, need relax. Gronk get on horse. Big soda straw make crunching sound. Horse fall down, break. Then Gronk sad again.  This mostly how every real horse ride go for Gronk, too, now Gronk think about it. Gronk never win.

Hoo-mans click for big.



Nathan deGargoyle said...

Hey Gronk
I Gargoyle
We2 no hooman study hard them crazy ones. Big haha!
See, USs laff Euros, me big auto u smallcar hahaha
Euros laff USs u car cant turn corners - too big hahaha
Bothem cars steat with wan
They wan-cars! hahahahahahahahahaha
Gronk good.

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