Gronk get Fan! Fan get!

Reader not believe what Gronk have say! Gronk get fan! Gronk fan get! Maybe gronk have hoo-man pen-pal in "Van-coo-ver". Somebody like way Gronk make post in blogg. Very exciting!

Gronk like get fan mail from carpet-man in Van-coo-ver, but something weird about way him type. Carpet man hard understand. He need lots grammar.

You see. Gronk cut-and-paste letter from new friend who write comment on Gronk recent post make. See? Friend fan get!

Hello sir, Are you ok? You have written a unique content.
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Thanks for the great post.

Maybe soon Phil let Gronk make more "unique content" soon more. Gronk ask/menace Phil into say "yes" Maybe big thing in Gronk future? Whole world open up before Gronk eye. Gronk go places.


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