Nabisco Shredded Wheat - An honest day's work.

"Not 'fancy' food is what kids need!" Let's heard it for baffling sentence is what is here!

This whole ad seems like a preliminary design. It would be good to see some art director's notes on it. "Nice copy, but doesn't make sense". Use better picture. Maybe one where the boy's not grimacing". Blame the photographer. "Cram this bail of hay in your mouth. Open wide. Wider. Wider. I said 'wider', Stan! Good. Now try to smile. Now hoooooolld it....

Good thing the arrows are there to show us where the food is. It could easily be a carpet sample or a toupee' in the bowl, and It doesn't get any easier to tell once you put it in your mouth. "Nope. Could be hair, or grath clippingf. Definitely noffing fancy. That'f for fure. Can I thake it out now?... I thaid 'CAN I FAKE IT OUT OF MY MOUF NOW??? Jeeth."'

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Steve Miller said...

I miss these bales of hay. I hate the little spoon sized ones that are glazed with whatever missed the "toaster pastries" on the next line.

Richard Mahler said...

Jeeth! Where is the sugar? The ad says nothing about any sugar with that milk and packing-crate-wood-excelsior he is happily shoving in his maw before trudging off to school. But they brag about leaving all that germ and bran IN. What were they thinking? Clearly the industry had a lot to learn about making breakfast candy - uh, cereal - that kiddies would actually want to eat. Imagine all the teachers back in the day having to face a class full of kids who were not bouncing off the walls and hyped up on sweeteners!

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