Triumphant Marketing Triumphs - A rose by any other name.

Troutman's Cough Syrup - This name may seem like an error in judgment, due to customers' aversion to drink anything that may have been made from fish. However, the name "Troutman's" was settled on, only after rejecting several other names:

-Dr. Pukebath's Extra-Tolerable Cough Syrup
-Crotchworth's Secret Formula Throat Remedy
-Durian's Non-Fragrant Sick Juice

Adolph's Sugar Substitute - Previous to it's renaming, Adolph's Sugar Substitute  failed to fly off shelves under the names:

-Hitler's Secret Sprinkles
-Schweet Und Shprinkly
-The Third Reich of Sweeteners

Romilar-CF may seem an intimidating name for a cough remedy, but sales noticeably picked up after a few experimental name changes:

-Romilar Afri-Koff
-Professor Romil's Uber-Yummy Throatkreig


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