Newly Invented, for your Ensciencization.

Time to get scienced up, citizens! Absorb the following informations from the ragged, pointy edge of science's front part. Enscience yourself, now!

New camouflage for nature photographers allows shutterbug to remain completely concealed in bushes while mannequin wearing tarpaulin and ridiculous helmet lamp draws attention of all nearby wildlife.

Nose flute finally allows creative expression of sinus cavities. Requires special drainage jar to protect floor from "accompanying runoff". Scheduled for highly anticipated summer public concert debut, pending passage of flu season and public outrage.

"Lady Dremel" cosmetic moto-tool grinds away ugly from face. Starter kit reduces Sarah Jessica Parker degrees of ugliness by up to three Sandra Bernhards, while silicon-carbide accessory kit allows removal of Tori Spelling levels of ugly.


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