Farah Scotwist Slacks - Morning stretch.

It's standard practice in advertising to put emphasis on the product in your product shot, but today's ad from Farah (of the Texas Farahs, apparently), goes the extra mile.

Guess what Farah sells? Legs? No, you're close. It's pants! You can tell by the way the people in the illustration have four men's worth of legs and hips like a nutcracker's. Either junior's going out on his first date with two girls stacked on top of each other, or dad's giving him an early birthday present: the car and an extra set of shins.

Click for big.


Anonymous said...

I bet it gets old having to duck through that little door.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

...Or folding yourself into that weensy little car.

thanks, for reading, Charlie!


Steve Miller said...

Everything's bigger in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Oh steve miller, you're a real joker. And a smoker, midnight toker, not to mention a picker, grinner lover and a sinner. I bet somebody calls you Maurice.

Anonymous said...

For many years Farah was the largest employer in El Paso.

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