Gas Mask Handbag - Post-apocalipstick.

Heads up, girlfriends! The post apocalypse doesn't have to be totally barbaric! As you wander through the smoking ruins, you'll be sure your essentials are taken care of, with this miraculous gas mask handbag!

Found in a 1940 issue of American Druggist, this gas mask says "Nein" to the axis powers and their policy of sour pusses! Your powderbox (No, silly! Not gunpowder!) and lipstick are carried right there on your face for easy access, once the civil defense gives the all-clear to breathe again.

Shew! What a relief! If you're like me, the moment you remove your gas mask, that's when your makeup needs a refresher the most! Am I right, ladies? Well, you'll never be far from fabulization with this little beauty. Rosie the Riveter taught us that "We Can Do It!", but we say "Not without our makeup". Handbag your face! Now, if they would only make a cover-up stick to hide the chafed area around your face where the mask forms a seal against your skin, or as I call it, "The Magin-jaw line."

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Sue said...

Thank god she has that satellite hat on so she knows when it's safe to touch up her face, or catch up on her stories after the apocalypse.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hah! "Her stories". Welcome back, Sue!


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