Gronk You Answer - More carpet friend have!

Jim D. say...

As you know, some old folks say, "there may be snow on the roof, but there's a fire in the furnace."
Which raises questions: does the snow on the roof match the carpets? and if the furnace is so lively, should I be using the new-fangled pleated paper air filters, or the old-time fiberglass ones like Mom used to use?

Thank Jim D. for question. Gronk answer you!

Snow on roof not need match carpet, but in Gronk house yes. Roof snow match carpet. Gronk house have snow carpet, and rats, and sometimes bear. Gronk call "shabby chic". Gronk book club friends call "you live in cave, Gronk".

Gronk think Jim D. Mom mostly right.Gronk say use paper filter and fiber-glass filter, and maybe concrete filter. Gronk think you can never be too filtered. Maybe then keep out rats and sometimes bear from house.

Gronk good friend dipu islam say...

Fat Burning furnace isn't simply another fat loss program containing the always-mentioned directions like exercise; eat less, burn a lot of calories etc.

Thank dipu for question. Gronk answer you!

Gronk not understand good friend dipu question. WHAT YOUR QUESTION??? GRAAAH!

Gronk have new carpet friend! Name sound like robot-man. puja29405 say...

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Thank puja29405 for robot question. Gronk answer you!

Gronk carpet have rat and sometimes bear in it. Can you clean carpet of ground-in sometimes bear? Also, your question not real question. SHUT UP ROBOT-MAN GRAAAAAAAAHHH!

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