7-Up Mixers - Christmas in (almost) July.

Christmas alert now, from your pals at P.A.G! Just 179 shopping days 'till Christmas, everybody! So, hurry up and get in line now for that must-have electric thingy that your spoiled kid simply must have or the world will pay the price! Sharpen your elbows and put on your heaviest shoes for some lip-splitting, victim-trampling action as Wal-Mart raises the portcullis on another shrieking horde of holiday well-wishers! Better idea: have a drink and relax.

This ad was lovingly scanned from the December, 1957 issue of Esquire magazine in which 7-Up themselves encourage you to drink alcohol! We'll pause a moment while your monocle falls into your tea in slow motion as you gasp in horror...(sploink).

Yes, it was a swinginger time in '57. A company could recommend mixed drinks being enjoyed in a sensible manner without fear of being sued out of solvency by scandalized puritans. Look at those happy chaps in their waistcoats and crewcuts. Do they look like they're planning to disassemble society with a belly full of Seven and Whiskey?

Anyhoo, maybe these toasters could be used in some kind of party invitation or drinks menu or something? If only some hero would lift them from their ad and paint out that pesky text so we could give this graphic something else to do. Wait! I've got it! Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Squad, ASSEMBLE!!!

Bam! there you go. Don't say I never gave you nothing this morning. Get your rude finger ready to right click these sensible imbibers onto your hard drive in three, two, one, right click! You're welcome.

Click for big.


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