Little ads - Blow yourself up, pepperface.

You know how you wake up every morning and scream "What were they advertising in the back of Teen Magazine in 1971?!? Aaaaaaaaaa!" Me neither. Maybe tomorrow morning. Anyway, here's what they were advertising in the back of Teen Magazine in 1971.

The new blown-up face of Al Qaeda? She could sleeper in my cell any day, huh huh huh.
The new face of The Blow Yourself Up Company (Not affiliated with Al Qaueda),
which apparently occupies the Department a few blocks away from Photo Poster, Inc.
Small world! Well, the blowing-yourself-up world is small.
Embarrassed by unsightly pepper-shaker-face?
Hmm. Increasing intelligence. Gosh, where to start? Well, if you ordered this book,
there's good news: you're nowhere near the human maximum intelligence, so you have
loads of room to grow. The hex to decrease intelligence goes like this: "I would like a book
on witchcraft, please. Here's my money." Well done.



Anonymous said...

If they could really, really increase intelligence, perhaps they would have started by increasing the "intelligience" of their copy writer.

(Surprised you missed that) : )


PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I, uuh.....shut up! That's what!


Steve Miller said...

"Better originals produce better posters."

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Translation: "Uggos need not apply."


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