Baker Brushes - Paint cooler.

This Baker ad wants you to paint smoother and easier with their brushes, but they forgot to point out how much cooler you'll paint, thanks to their terrific illustration.

Click for big.

Man, look how cool those cartoon people are. This would look good printed as a poster, hanging in your garage/basement/rumpus room/underground hipster lair. That's why the Images and Scanning Them team has provided us with a special Graphic Gift crop of just the illustration for your possible online printing vendor delight. You're welcome.

Hey. That kid is painting a model boat with what looks like a three inch brush or so. You call that "the right Baker Brush size most practical for the job"? Sloppy work, Baker. That's not what I look for in a brush company. You're lucky it's Friday and I'm in a charitable mood.

Wups. Looks like Baker is out of the biz. Here's a sad photo of the shipping entrance of the company, now defunct. Booo.

Click for pretty darn big.


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