Gronk you Answer - Proposal mailbag.

Mr. Zhang Yong say...

I've a proposal for you,permit me to explain

Dear Mr. Zhang,

Urrrg. Gronk wait for Zhang explain, but email not get longer. Letters just sit and stay same. Gronk not like Mister Yong mess with Gronk heart! Gronk no marry you! Graah!

Charles Frankie say...

Hello hey pretty How r u doing ? Umm , without asking u that i guess ur doing fine,I'm Charles Frankie i seems to be new to this online site.Just a view on ur page you look cool and it spark an interest to me .. some people have nice eyes, some have nice smiles, and some have faces but guess what?.. U have all of them, Well i guess i have to leave now , I just hope and pray to get back a message from u . I know i only see ur pic i don't really know what ur heart looks like but i would like to know that's if u would like to know more about me as well ...April 5, 2013Once you join, you'll be able to see updates, photos and more from Charles and all your other friends... and share your own!Join Facebook

Dear Charles,

Thanks for say nice stuff about Gronk face. Gronk try hard take care of self. Gronk think that face is first thing world see when world look at head. Unless world standing behind you, maybe? Gronk not have time to keep track of whole world! World, just stand in front of head and look at face, ok? Anyway, Gronk remember grandpappy once say "Young Gronk, my dear boy, in all your travels, don't ever forget that your face is where you keep your nose. N'est-ce pas?". Charles, Gronk not know face-book. Gronk see face-book one time. It book where pages made of faces. Gronk see face-book inside castle on fire. When Gronk see face-book, Gronk glad he set castle on fire. Castle owner creep him right out.

Gronk not want join your face-book, Charles. You stay away from Gronk, weirdo.

Peter say...

Dear Sir/Madam,Here, we would like to introduce our company to you, which is the specialist of various valves, Eccentric butterfly valve, Ball valve,Gate valve,Globle valve,Check valve,ect.our location is in Oubei town,Wenzhou,very famous for valve production base in China,our strength in ball valve and butterfly valve, as followsGood designQuality castings Fine machiningZero LeakageExcellent appearanceFirm packageEach process under our quality control will assure you get qualified products.
We adhere to the good quality,prompt delivery,reasonable prices,excellent services to win our customers' trust,so as to establish long term business relationships.
Even though you have other suppliers for this valve,but please do not ignore us,take second consideration for us,further informations please contact me.
Have a good day!
Best regardsPeter

Dear Peter,

Gruh? You not even care if Gronk is Sir or Madam? Peter sound maybe desperate. Gronk get no further than "ball valve". Sorry weirdo, Gronk not swing that way. Not interested in Peter "globle valve" either. Time for you go away.

Irene Wu say...

Dear Sir,
Good day.
This is Irene Wu from Xinghua City Tianli Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd, our company is specialized in the production and sales of stainless steel wire rope and galvanized steel wire rope.
The following is some pictures of our products for your reference, welcome you visit our website www.tianlisteel.com to learn more about us.

Dear Irene,

Now, you talking! Gronk like steel. Maybe Gronk like visit from Irene Wu and talk about steel... look at pictures with Irene Wu... maybe more? Grah. Gronk be ready at eight. You come pick up Gronk. Gronk be waiting. Gronk go now! Must pick outfit! Gronk thinking maybe wear some steel for Irene Wu.

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