Mike Harmon - Something happened in NASCAR that wasn't stupefyingly boring.

In other car-related news, hilarious bumpkin stereotype and NASCAR driver Mike Harmon has been caught stealing trucks and race cars belonging to female NASCAR opponent Jennifer Jo Cobb.

Harmon and Cobb. In revenge for the theft of her vehicles, Cobb stole one of harmon's middle names. Now he must
simply go by "Mikey Jim Bubba Jackie Hambone Harmon".

We promise we did not make that up. Her name is "Jenny Jo Cobb". Yes, you'd think with a name like that, she'd be a classics professor at Yale, but nope, she's a NASCAR driver. Link below...


Another link:

Joke #1 - After local authorities attempted to apprehend Harmon at his Charlotte NC home, he fled the scene and then reportedly led police on a high-speed chase, in a circle, for four hours. Local hillbillies were transfixed.

Joke #2 - He clearly may have eaten one of Cobb's vehicles. Cobb has been quoted as saying that Harmon can keep that one.

Joke #3 - Cobb is also the alleged father of Mike Harmon's upcoming baby.

Joke #4 - After the vehicles were reported missing, police made two lefts and found the stolen vehicles 2.5 miles away.

Joke #5 - After police visited Harmon at his home, he fled the scene on foot. Police then apprehended him by simply waiting for him to circle the block.


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