2013 Blackhawk Vintage Classic - Part 3

Here's the last batch of photos from the Father's Day race at Blackhawk Farms. Click for big. Enjoy!

Alphas were well represented. This yellow one and the red one
were owned by the same lucky man.

Note to auto makers: please stop making hideous wraparound
headlights shaped like splatters of bird shit. Just go back to
this please.

An eye-wateringly beautiful V12 Jaguar E-Type. Noted
grump and blowhard Jeremy Clarkson called it "possibly
the most beautiful thing ever made". He can't be wrong all the time.
We finally found the camp site of the Gulf Oil Porsche 911. Purdy!

A Lotus Europa. It doesn't come across in the pictures, but
this car is really flat and low. It's around 36 inches tall. The
owner, a six-foot-something Scotsman, says getting in is
tricky, but once you do, it's pretty comfortable.

This Formula Vee had a creamy gold bass boat sparkle that
was a mile deep. It looked like it had been applied with a baby. 

"I been hip-mo-tized!"

Another cool looking Formula Vee.

A pristine BRE Datsun.


Steve Miller said...

Love seeing the Volvo 1800s and the 122. Fond memories, though I never raced them (on a course, anyway...). Also cool (visually, at least): any Alfa, any Lotus.

Some interesting cars around here this weekend. Followed a Pantera down the road Saturday night; saw the same slammed '50s Chevy pick-up yesterday and this morning; saw about 5 dozen Porsches parked on our little town's main street (which IS named Main Street) on Saturday. Only one 356 cabriolet... a smattering of late '60s 911s and 912s; and a butt-load of overly steroidal late models.

There's often a Volvo 1800ES parked on Main, but seeing Ferraris here is just so common-place that we hardly note them. What do my neighbors find that pays so well?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yep. The Volvo 1800s were the most surprising thing for me to see there, having just posted about them a bit, and discussing them with you. At one point in the day, I got to help push a stalled Lola up to the staging area. That was pretty exciting. It was this red and white one with the turbine-looking wheels.


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