World's Fair Week Preview - La Ronde.

Next week will be World's Fair Week here at Phil Are GO!, because the Garage Sale Assault Squad found a cache of super cool postcards, and you need to see them. The World's Fair was a thing that used to be relevant back before we had the internet and FaceTube and everyone could know everything instantly. Nations would get together to show off their technology, industry, architecture and generally pretend they lived in The Future. Now that we're here, we've decided we're a disease on the planet. Whee. Next week we're going to forget that and look at some crazy buildings and wallow in memories of optimism, whatever that was.

As a preview, please enjoy this picture of (I think) Hudson Bay, at Expo '67, in Quebec. Cable cars,pirate ships and Logan's Run's summer home. You want weird? We'll weird you up but good at Expo '67!


Steve Miller said...

Optima was very hip then, wasn't it? Or at least only slightly faded.

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