World's Fair Week - U.S. Science Building

Here's the U.S. Science pavilion at night, from the '62 Seattle world's Fair. Pretty!

Want to see the logo they chose for that' year's fair? Nope? Well here it is!

What the.. ? Well, apparently Austin Powers was on the Expo '62 design staff. Despite the distinctly male direction of the logo (and maybe because of it), I'm sure the ladies were more than welcome at the Expo, where they could field questions all day regarding whether or not various men make them horny. 

So what's there now? Well what do you know! The U.S. Science Building is there now, but now it's called the Pacific Science Center! How about those particular apples?

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It's a nonprofit science museum that's been yanking and cranking pretty much since the Expo closed in '62. It's not every day you find an old Expo facility that hasn't been bulldozed or turned into a parking lot.

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